It may just be me, but my least favorite part of home ownership is maintaining the yard. Especially when we are not in a drought, cutting the grass on a hot, sticky day is far from my idea of fun. Even if there isn’t grass to mow, the wind in west Texas means lots of leaf blowing in the fall and porch sweeping in the spring and summer. Nevertheless, I know that maintaining my yard is part of being a good homeowner. Websites can be thought of in a similar way: you should be performing regular maintenance on your site to make sure that everything is working the way it is supposed to and looks good. Additionally, every year and a half or so, it is time to consider a redesign.

Your Web Pro LLC generally recommends at least considering a redesign every 18 months. This timeline allows for your website to do what it is supposed to and offers you time to consider a redesign before things change too much. When you consider that there is a new iPhone released about once a year, it seems rational to think about updating or redesigning your website more often. Things move fast in our world, and you don’t want your website to be left behind because it doesn’t look current or doesn’t run efficiently. You should also consider a redesign when anything major happens for your company such as a second location opening, new ownership or management, changes in the offering or industry, or a relocation. This is important information that you want your customers to know!

When you redesign your website, you are doing more than giving it a new look. An up-to-date site increases the likelihood of visitors returning, encourages them to stay and browse around, and ensures that your site is running a user-friendly interface. A redesign can help your site function more effectively and create an experience that customers will want to return to. Your Web Pro is happy to assist you with your website redesign. Get in touch today to learn more!

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