Whether we realize it or not, scents are one of the strongest memories a person can have. Whether the smell of the rain, a fresh baked pie, or leather, scents can remind you of things, people, and places that you love. Unfortunately, a scent can also bring you allergies, headaches, and asthma. Why burn a candle that could leave you with a pounding headache when you can have a beautiful smell without the headaches and allergies that traditional candles can bring? Fragrance of Heaven is a candle and essential oil store that began with a vision to create candles with scents that did not give anyone a headache or did not smell when they were burning.

For more than 12 years, Fragrance of Heaven founder and owner Terri Arthur has studied candle making and worked to create candles that will not give you a headache or trigger your asthma or allergies as many do. Terri’s nose has been trained by one of the world’s top master perfumers, which will be evident with your first whiff of one of her designs. Terri’s passion is evident in her creations. When you choose a Fragrance of Heaven candle, you will be able to tell the difference in between her creation and anyone else’s. Additionally, Terri has worked to create essential oils that are the same quality and effectiveness you will see from the major brands but without the price markup. They provide relief and comfort, and they can be yours for much less than the major essential oil brands.

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