My cousin has always said, “Buy nice or buy twice!” Granted, he normally uses it as reasoning for why he spent money on something expensive, but I have started to believe that this is true a lot of the time. For example, when my personal laptop’s charging cord started shorting out, I immediately got on Apple’s website to order a new one. To my dismay, they were asking far more than I wanted to pay for a new charger! Instead, I logged on to Amazon and enthusiastically bought the cheapest one I could find. All was well for a couple of weeks, when the new cord stopped working. It didn’t take long for an issue to arise with my previously just fine charging cord, and to my dismay, I couldn’t get ahold of anyone who could give me an answer as to why it had stopped working. I have found that there are many things that we skimp on or do not pay much attention to until an issue comes up, and that is when it really matters who and what we are working with! 


It matters where you host your website! Most people do not mind who is hosting their website until something goes wrong, when the problem is difficult to resolve because the call goes through so many people before anything can be done to find a solution. Your Web Pro offers hosting services that go above and beyond your typical website hosts. When your website is hosted with us, we offer fully managed service, 1000 MB of disk space that can be increased if the need arises, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 monitoring, website data backups to offsite servers for security, monthly statistic reports emailed to you, and custom spam filtering. We also are able to get to work quickly on any issue that may pop up with your website because we have direct access to your site.


Your Web Pro offers premium website hosting. Contact us today to learn more about what features are offered when you host with us!

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